Create Your Thinner Self Program

Create Your Thinner Self Program

A  practical, reasonable approach to achieve a healthy and sustainable weight. This program holds you accountable and provides support in a loving, caring and nurturing way.  You will get up to three (3) WEEKLY , 15-minute phone calls for an entire year, with private, confidential, accountability, support, and coaching. Each week you will receive customized  meal plans, recipes and a shopping list.

The FIRST simple, practical weight transformation training with no special foods to buy, no recipes to follow, no exercises program to follow, no calorie to count, no drugs to take and no food exchanges to calculate. Simple, easy and practical, incremental small adjustments to improve  and modify your eating behaviors and routines. You get caring guidance and positive support. Results may vary based on your starting weight and your adherence to the program. This Program is normally offered for a one-time enrollment investment of $297. As a special introductory rate your investment is only $197. 

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Create Your Thinner Self Program: 

30-Day Money Back Action Guarantee - To be clear, it is called an ACTION guarantee, meaning this program will work if YOU will. If you think buying a program is going to make you more successful to reduce weight and... If you think just listening passively will magically change you... Or, if you think you've heard it all and know it all (but you don’t have the results to show for it), please DO NOT purchase the Create Your Thinner Self Weight Reduction Program.

This is a genuine program for those earnest and honest enough to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. This program is for those who intend to produce serious results.

Create Your Thinner Self Program

Create Your Thinner Self is personal, private, and confidential coaching that will teach YOU exactly HOW to reduce weight in a healthy manner. But more importantly, how to maintain it.  You will benefit from the hundreds and hundreds of hours of research completed so you can avoid the mistakes made by myself and others!

This program is scientifically proven to be 100% effective when done properly. It includes up to Three (3) WEEKLY 15-minute telephone calls with individualized, private, and personal coaching; and access to the entire online video lessons.

The Introductory offer in this program is a one-time investment of $197. You save $100 from the normal price of $297.

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