Michelle Silerio

October 22, 2019, I have always struggled with weight my entire life. I was always the "cute chubby girl" or "the girl with a pretty face." David made the weight reduction process completely easy. I was not deprived of food nor was I hungry, there was no strenuous exercise routine, or accounting for ridiculous amounts of calories. I still got to enjoy the foods that I love! I now  just make smarter healthier choices. I have successfully lost 25 lbs. and have not gained a pound back. I feel healthier and happier with myself. I have more energy and my self-confidence grew as the weight reduction shrunk. Thank you, David, for giving me the tools that I needed and the support and information you provided. I will continue this lifestyle

“Have you promised to lose weight before? Did you keep your promise? It’s a tough one. Will you keep it this time? We shall see. David Medansky has been where you are, he’s been where all of us have been…he lost 50 pounds in four months. So, he can probably assist you with your weight loss journey…David is a good guy. I know him personally.”  − Dean Cain, Superman, Lois & Clark


July 31, 2019 -  Hey David!

Just wanted to reach out as a spouse of one of your weight loss clients, even though my wife Patty is a raving fan, I to have lost about 15 pounds and 2 inches in pant size. I can attribute our success to your common sense approach with weekly conference calls and teaching us what foods to eat and the importance of portion control. As far as the portion control goes, it becomes very easy when ( thanks to you ) impressed upon the fact that processed foods are a definite no, no.

Best wishes for much success on you new book, it's a must read. - Jerry Larson, Surprise, Arizona

August 5, 2019

As many of you know, I have been on a health journey for a few years now and have kept off the weight. Yes, I was very heavy and if you scroll through my FB pictures from 3 and 4 years ago you will see the extra "me".

This weekend I managed to take some down time and read this entire book written by Network Together Member, David Medansky. I read his 1st book and enjoyed what I learned and his 2nd book was not disappointing either. Good information, easy read, and gives some eye opening facts about food and nutrition. Thank you David for your book! - Shawn Jones, Mesa, Arizona

Sept. 12, 2018 - Last December I turned 63. I felt old, tired, and depressed, and I had been carrying around some extra weight for a few years. I had given up any hope of taking off those extra pounds. I told myself that I was no longer capable of losing that weight, that I was old and that carrying extra weight was all part of being a senior citizen. But David convinced me otherwise. With his help and support I have surpassed my goal of a 30 pound weight loss and to date I have lost 45 pounds without ever feeling deprived or hungry!!! And I no longer feel like a senior citizen either!! Thanks, David, for helping me feel young again. ” 

 – J. Milliken, Sullivan, Indiana  ★★★★★