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Did you know you can achieve a healthy weight without having to order special foods, follow restrictive recipes, exercise, undergo surgery, take drugs, count calories, or calculate food exchanges?

Imagine weighing 25 to 35 less by this time next year, What would your life be like if this happened for you?

This is NOT a diet!

This is behavior modification and a lifestyle change. We teach you how to make small adjustments to your daily routine to gradually modify and improve your eating habits rather than go to an extreme. This is something you can do.

This is a private, personal, and exclusive training. There are limited spots available. Why? Because I'm working hands-on with each of you to literally make small adjustments to your daily routines to improve your eating habits.

These small adjustments to your daily eating habits, done consistently over a long time (1 year), will give you noticeable results to turn you into my next real-life healthy weight success story.

Imagine being emotionally supported by people who believe in you; will encourage you; will pick you up when you fall; will keep you accountable; will encourage you with positive support; and keep you focused and motivated.

Enroll today!

"Success is a Choice." - Rick Pitino

Create Your Thinner Self is an online training program that will teach YOU exactly HOW to achieve a healthy weight and be able to maintain it. You will benefit from the hundreds and hundreds of hours of research completed so you can avoid the mistakes made by myself and others!

This program with live, private support, accountability, and coaching, is being offered for a one-time investment of $197.